Alchemy Empress Eugenies Blue Heart Diamond Pendant
Alchemy Empress Eugenies Blue Heart Diamond Pendant

Empress Eugenies Blue Heart Diamond Pendant

from Alchemy

 EmpressEugenies Blue Heart Diamond Pendant

Designed after the rare massive blue heart diamond which legend says once belonged to the empress consort of Napoleon III (1852-1870), before it was 'discovered' by Cartier in 1908***.

  • Made of English Pewter
  • Pendant Length: 3.74 inches
  • Ribbon Length: 26 inches

Plus add the Empress Eugenie's earrings for a complete set. 

Approximate Dimensions of Earrings:
  • Width 1.14" x Height 3.19" x Depth 0.75"

Fun Facts:

***Some reports refer to this unusual diamond as the "Eugénie Blue" although it is now recognized that there is no evidence of its having been owned by the Empress Consort. Had she owned it, wouldn't she have chosen to flee with it rather than the diamond which is named after her? However, a French link does exist because the cutting firm of Atanik Ekyanan of Neuilly, Paris cut this heart shape, which weighs 30.82 metric carats and is of a rare deep blue color, sometime between 1909 and 1910. This date raises the question whether the rough stone came from Africa or India.

This pewter gothic pendant is made in Sheffield, England and crafted by master craftsman, who are members of 'The Worshipful Company of Pewterers'. This group was granted a charter in 1474 by King Edward IV for the legal manufacture of pewter jewelry throughout England. Many of the ancient pewter-smithing skills are still utilized today. They are the only manufacturer of high quality pendants in their gothic collection of fine pewter jewelry.

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